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     My trainer always insists me to have some meals before the workout so that I get more energy to perform better. Exercise will give you more energy and strength by fueling your body with right nutrients. Pre-workout is the best to avoid too much fat, by consuming a good source of protein before a workout can recover, grow and prevent the breakdown of muscles.
Pre-workout foods
        Consume banana before 30 mins to 1 hr of your workout as it is rich in fast acting carbohydrates. Eating banana is the perfect way to increase blood sugar levels and boost your glycogen.
Greek yogurt and Dried fruit:
                       Greek yogurt has almost double protein than normal yogurt. Dried fruit is high in sugar and proteins. Combination of these help to optimize your workout. Consume this 1-1.5 hrs before a workout. 
Chicken, rice, and vegetables:
                        Chicken, rice, and vegetables are a classic pre-workout meal which has to consume 2-3 hrs before a workout. This meal provides amino acids which promote muscle anabolism and a slow releasing source of energy.
         Oats can consume around 2 hrs before your workout. The amino acids in oats have a great source of protein and protect muscles. The B vitamins in oats convert carbohydrates into energy.
Whole grain bread, Sweet Potato, and Brown rice:
         A slice of wholegrain bread with jam, honey or boiled egg slices, sweet potato or a brown rice are the good source of carbohydrates and has high-quality protein. Grab some bread 45 mins before. 
Protein bars and shakes:
        If you're in a hurry protein shakes/protein bars can solve your pre-workout problem. In minutes you can get all the pre-workout nutrients.
  Doing exercise on empty stomach can lead to illness or injured so intake more carbohydrates, fats, and proteins before every workout. Find these products at your nearby location through Mapprr.



Many of us follow a healthy diet by consuming sprouts in our diet plan. It is actually good for health, more nutritious and easy to digest even I prefer sprouts in my morning breakfast. Did you know that there are different types of sprouts like bean sprouts, sunflower sprouts, rye sprouts, broccoli sprouts, alfalfa, soy, and mung bean. Why do we need to include sprouts in our daily diet? Well, let's take a look at it,
Health Benefits of sprouts:
      The taste of the sprouts is crunchy, tasty goodness in a salad or on a sandwich and vitamins C, A, and K, sprouts also contain fiber, manganese, riboflavin, copper, protein, vitamin B6, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, and potassium. 
Weight loss:
        Sprouts are very high in fiber and very low in calories which helps more in a diet. The fiber in sprouts makes you feel more in less quantity, this can reduce snacking and overeating between meals. 
Boost Immune system:
        Vitamin C in sprouts is a powerful booster for the immune system which helps the white blood cells in the body to fight off infection and disease. Vitamin A has the number of antioxidant properties that make a great source of the immune system.
Reduced cancer chances:
       The antioxidant in sprouts makes a very good anti-cancer choice for your diet. The proteins, amino acids, vitamin C and A can impact the free radical content in the body which can cause healthy cells to mutate into cancerous cells. Sprouts can counteract some effects of cancerous cells thereby reducing the chances of developing cancer.
Eye Care:
          Sprouts help in improving your vision and eyesight due to the presence of vitamin A. The antioxidant agents in sprouts protect eyes cells from free radicals. 
Helps in digestion:
          The high content of living enzymes in sprouts helps in boosting your metabolic processes and improve chemical reactions in the body like digestion. Sprouts have a lot of dietary fiber which regulates digestion. 
           Omega-3 fatty acids in sprouts help in boosting good cholesterol level and reduce harmful cholesterol in your arteries and blood vessels. 
          Eating sprouts with a well-balanced diet helps you to optimize your health. Get availability on Mapprr and add sprouts to your dietary plan. 



We all have that one friend who likes to drink green tea it has a lot of benefits in a single cup of tea with high antioxidants. How are antioxidants useful to our body? By consuming antioxidants the negative effect of free radicals generated by our body can be avoided. These plantations are mostly found in hill stations and there are different types of green tea. 
Green tea is most frequently available in:
⦁    Bottled and sweetened with sugar or an artificial sweetener.
⦁    In single tea bags.
⦁    Loose-leaf.
⦁    Instant-powder.
⦁    Green tea supplements, which are sold in capsule form or liquid extracts.
Health Benefits of green tea: 
⦁    Fights Cancer - Oxidative damage contributes to the development of cancer, green tea is excellent in antioxidants so that it could reduce the risk of cancer.
⦁    Brain Enhancement - Green tea increases connectivity in key parts of the brain associated with memory. When soft drink of green tea extract as given, it showed increased connectivity in parts of the brain and performance on working memory tasks.
⦁    Anti-Anxiety and Relaxation - The L-theanine in green tea helps you to relax and avoid anxiety.
⦁    Fat Burner - Green tea ingredients increase fat burning and boost the metabolic rate.It reduces the dangerous abdominal fat.
⦁    Anti-Bacterial - The catechins in green tea may kill the growth of bacteria and some viruses.
Side effects of green tea:
⦁    Green tea increases blood pressure and heart rate.
⦁    Blood thinners, it has been recommended to avoid green tea and an aspirin as they both reduce the clotting effectiveness of platelets.
⦁    Caffeine sensitivity could experience insomnia, anxiety, irritability, nausea, or upset stomach.
     However, taking green tea once or twice a day may not be harmful to your health. If you already have any health issues consult your doctor and turn to green tea. Shop now by checking its availability in your nearby stores through Mapprr.