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8 simple tips to prevent diabetes

An unknown fact is that 1/4th of people don't know that they have diabetes, the complications of chronic high blood sugar: heart attack, stroke, sight-robbing eye disease, kidney failure, foot amputation. Type 2 diabetes is a majority case, a condition characterized by insulin resistance, meaning cells fail to respond to insulin and the good news is that it is largely preventable.

Tips to help reduce your risk:
Lifestyle Modification
- This lifestyle modification can reduce the risk of diabetes by 30-67 percent and about 58% among subjects with pre-diabetes. Lifestyle modifications consist changes in dietary habits and physical activity.

Lose excess body fat - Than healthy weight overweight makes you 20-40 times likely to develop diabetes, Overweight is a big risk factor for diabetes.

Follow a plant-based, low-calorie diet - Eat more fruits and vegetables which reduces diabetes risk. Avoid trans fats and saturated fat foods.

Drink water - Drink more water. Cut down sugar-sweetened beverages which cause obesity and diabetes.

Move your body - If the body is in inactive it increases the chances of developing diabetes by 20%. By walking briskly for a 1/2 hr every day reduces the risk of developing type 2 diabetes by 30%.

Stress-free - Several hormones release stress that increases blood sugar. So, some simple relaxation exercises and other stress management can help you control blood sugar levels.

Sleep well - Chronic sleep deprivation that comes with sleep apnea and poor quality sleep increases the risk for diabetes and obesity. Discuss your sleep problem with your doctor if you spot the warning signs.

Have a blood test - As symptoms of many diabetes are silent a simple blood test can reveal. Knowing your blood sugar levels can put you on a track to steadying them with a simple diet, exercise and with some medications. People above 45 years should frequently test their blood sugar levels.

Tip for you: Diabetes can be caused by a family history, consult your doctor for preventive measures.

Disclaimer: Please consult your doctor for health-related problems and queries. The information contained here is not for diagnosis of health problems or to be used for treatment purpose or expert medical advice. Great care has been taken in computing and checking the information. Check the availability of diabetes medicines and blood glucose machine in our Mapprr App. 


Anti-aging: 7 best ways to reduce the signs of aging

The natural process in which your skin goes through various changes such as wrinkles, White spots, dark spots under the eyes, skin becomes paler, age spots and skin becomes drier, the frequency of dead skin become higher, your hair starts becoming thinner and thinner. Turkey neck is the wrinkles appearing on your neck which makes it look shaggy, in simple words aging means becoming old.

Below are the 7 Best tips for reducing the signs of aging on the face.

Use sunscreen Everyday

When you go out on sunny days, the ultraviolet rays striking your face which are causing the skin aging. If you are a proactive person and you frequently move around in town exposing your face to sunlight then use sunscreen every day.
Use the products which as an SPF of at least 30.

Do Not Tan
Is tanning good for skin? No, it's not good anymore. Tanning can lead to the wrinkles and age spots on your face and it can also lead to skin cancer.
According to research indoor tanning increase, chances of skin cancer by 35 % so avoid indoor tanning.

Intake More Vitamin

Eat Vitamin A more such as carrots, green leaf foods, sweet potatoes which helps in reducing the wrinkles and is also good for eyes.

Vitamin B3 anti-aging-fruits like Peanuts, Green peas, Fish, Mushrooms are good and an effective remedy which helps in reducing the redness of your skin, helpful if you got sunburn and it also helps in digestion.

Orange, Lemon, Guavas, Kiwifruit are the fruits which are rich in vitamin C are good for any skin type and it helps in reducing age spots and white spots on your skin it is also a very good skin damage repair property which helps you to get rid of dead skins.

Broccoli, Fish, Pumpkins, Avocados are examples of rich vitamin E which has a good moisturizing ability and keeps your skin smooth and glowing.

Now you are thinking, What massage have to do for anti-aging tips then Sesame Oil is the most suitable oil to increase the blood flow and also help your skin to breath some fresh air by opening the skin pores.

Exfoliate Your Skin
One need to exfoliate the skin at least once a week as the Skin keeps on shading and new skin comes up and women exfoliate their skin once in a week and it is a good frequency to help your new skin to breath. Keep a boost of Vitamin C in your system which will help in keeping you new skin warm and smooth.

Keep Your Stomach Clean
The way you treat your stomach it directly reflects on your face so stop treating your stomach like dustbins. Eat Fiber-rich foods like Cabbage, fruits, whole grain bread, peas which help in digestion and also increases the blood circulation.

Use Face Pack

Face pack will help you in regaining the smoothness of skin and also helps in taking away your wrinkles. Yogurt,  Banana, and Rosewater face packs which will help in making your skin smoother and it will moisturize the skin.

Aging is a situation which you cannot stop it from coming, but you can use these amazing simple tips of anti-aging and keep your skin glowing and wrinkle-free. Check the availability of the products in your nearby stores with our app Mapprr.


5 ways water will help you lose weight

We all know drinking water is extremely important, it maintains your body's fluid levels and regulates our body temperature. We know how important it is but how it can help in weight loss we haven't really decided. There is a reason why wellness consultants all across the globe are emphasizing on more consumption of water to help their clients achieve weight loss goals.
Drinking water is easily among the most forgotten things in a day but if you knew it goes a long way in keeping that stubborn fat away, you may look at it differently.

Let's discuss how water will help you lose weight:
It helps improve your workout efficacy
According to research when you are dehydrated during workouts, it directly impacts your weight loss goals. Before hitting the gym it is important to double the amount of water you drink every day so your body doesn't get dehydrated.
Increases your metabolism
Metabolic rate increases 30 percent if you drink enough water almost 3-4 liters and if you increase your intake further, it is effective in burning excess calories too.
Combats fake hunger
Water also acts as an appetite killer. Sometimes when you are thirsty, but not hungry your body gives you cues that you are hungry. So it's always better to have a glass of water before giving in to your brutal hunger pangs. It's also good if you have gained weight after pregnancy and searching for home remedies to lose weight after pregnancy.
Healthy alternative to calorie-laden drinks
We often feel tempted to have a fizzy drink and sports drink when you are thirsty or feeling worn out? This is where the magical water comes in. A study stated that for every 3.4 ounces of plain water consumption, a person drinks 0.7 ounces less caloric beverages.
Helps you detox
If you bored of drinking old plain water add lemon, mint, cucumber and you have a detox water ready for the day
Lose some extra weight which you are carrying around by following all these habits and lifestyle.

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