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A brief history of Mapprr

Mapprr is solving the problem of connecting customers to local stores. We provide you a solution to find availability of products near your location without a hassle.

May, 2015

Mapprr Founded

It all began with Subhakar, while he was working on his Robotic Arm Project in his B.Tech (Mech) final year 2015 for which he needed many retail products. In search of which, he roamed store to store and understood that there is a gap between the retailer and the consumer. Here is the pain point of the customer sow seeds for the birth of Mapprr.

March, 2016

Launched WebApp

Launched a website with few stores and getting initial traction for that and taking feedbacks on the improvements needed and understanding the technology.

July, 2017

Mapprr became a team of 10 members

Subhakar then put in his efforts, gathered a team, brainstormed ideas and unveiled Mapprr as the quickest way to find products or brands at any particular location with a live availability of the product without even entering the store and at your best convenience.

January, 2018

Launched iOS and Android

After research, validation and team building, an MVP was built and released to 1000 beta users, collected the feedback and then a full-proof launch of the product was done in Jan 2018.

March, 2018

Mapprr Funded

With INR 2 Cr fund raise from an angel investor, 60 days of successful market exposure, 1st offline product discovery application with live availability.

July, 2018


Partnered with retail brands like Medplus, Big C Mobiles, Lot Mobiles, Health & Glow, Apollo Pharmacy and 18 more Pan-India.

Quick Facts
Towns & Cities
Unique Searches in a Day
Our Vision
Mapprr visions to integrate with brands & retailers and provide real-time user analytics according to location basis. In short, we want to be the go-to guy, when a brand wants to launch a new product or find out proper time or place to increase its business. Mapprr also aims to personalise the user's search experience & engagement engine with machine learning & neural networks.
Our Mission
Mapprr desires to be a product enabler for users and retailers as well. We want to change the way people search, find & shop for products. We also aggregate location-based data on sale pattern, purchase pattern and user behaviour.

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