Pre wrkout food


     My trainer always insists me to have some meals before the workout so that I get more energy to perform better. Exercise will give you more energy and strength by fueling your body with right nutrients. Pre-workout is the best to avoid too much fat, by consuming a good source of protein before a workout can recover, grow and prevent the breakdown of muscles.
Pre-workout foods
        Consume banana before 30 mins to 1 hr of your workout as it is rich in fast acting carbohydrates. Eating banana is the perfect way to increase blood sugar levels and boost your glycogen.
Greek yogurt and Dried fruit:
                       Greek yogurt has almost double protein than normal yogurt. Dried fruit is high in sugar and proteins. Combination of these help to optimize your workout. Consume this 1-1.5 hrs before a workout. 
Chicken, rice, and vegetables:
                        Chicken, rice, and vegetables are a classic pre-workout meal which has to consume 2-3 hrs before a workout. This meal provides amino acids which promote muscle anabolism and a slow releasing source of energy.
         Oats can consume around 2 hrs before your workout. The amino acids in oats have a great source of protein and protect muscles. The B vitamins in oats convert carbohydrates into energy.
Whole grain bread, Sweet Potato, and Brown rice:
         A slice of wholegrain bread with jam, honey or boiled egg slices, sweet potato or a brown rice are the good source of carbohydrates and has high-quality protein. Grab some bread 45 mins before. 
Protein bars and shakes:
        If you're in a hurry protein shakes/protein bars can solve your pre-workout problem. In minutes you can get all the pre-workout nutrients.
  Doing exercise on empty stomach can lead to illness or injured so intake more carbohydrates, fats, and proteins before every workout. Find these products at your nearby location through Mapprr.



Many of us follow a healthy diet by consuming sprouts in our diet plan. It is actually good for health, more nutritious and easy to digest even I prefer sprouts in my morning breakfast. Did you know that there are different types of sprouts like bean sprouts, sunflower sprouts, rye sprouts, broccoli sprouts, alfalfa, soy, and mung bean. Why do we need to include sprouts in our daily diet? Well, let's take a look at it,
Health Benefits of sprouts:
      The taste of the sprouts is crunchy, tasty goodness in a salad or on a sandwich and vitamins C, A, and K, sprouts also contain fiber, manganese, riboflavin, copper, protein, vitamin B6, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, and potassium. 
Weight loss:
        Sprouts are very high in fiber and very low in calories which helps more in a diet. The fiber in sprouts makes you feel more in less quantity, this can reduce snacking and overeating between meals. 
Boost Immune system:
        Vitamin C in sprouts is a powerful booster for the immune system which helps the white blood cells in the body to fight off infection and disease. Vitamin A has the number of antioxidant properties that make a great source of the immune system.
Reduced cancer chances:
       The antioxidant in sprouts makes a very good anti-cancer choice for your diet. The proteins, amino acids, vitamin C and A can impact the free radical content in the body which can cause healthy cells to mutate into cancerous cells. Sprouts can counteract some effects of cancerous cells thereby reducing the chances of developing cancer.
Eye Care:
          Sprouts help in improving your vision and eyesight due to the presence of vitamin A. The antioxidant agents in sprouts protect eyes cells from free radicals. 
Helps in digestion:
          The high content of living enzymes in sprouts helps in boosting your metabolic processes and improve chemical reactions in the body like digestion. Sprouts have a lot of dietary fiber which regulates digestion. 
           Omega-3 fatty acids in sprouts help in boosting good cholesterol level and reduce harmful cholesterol in your arteries and blood vessels. 
          Eating sprouts with a well-balanced diet helps you to optimize your health. Get availability on Mapprr and add sprouts to your dietary plan. 

Green tea


We all have that one friend who likes to drink green tea it has a lot of benefits in a single cup of tea with high antioxidants. How are antioxidants useful to our body? By consuming antioxidants the negative effect of free radicals generated by our body can be avoided. These plantations are mostly found in hill stations and there are different types of green tea. 
Green tea is most frequently available in:
⦁    Bottled and sweetened with sugar or an artificial sweetener.
⦁    In single tea bags.
⦁    Loose-leaf.
⦁    Instant-powder.
⦁    Green tea supplements, which are sold in capsule form or liquid extracts.
Health Benefits of green tea: 
⦁    Fights Cancer - Oxidative damage contributes to the development of cancer, green tea is excellent in antioxidants so that it could reduce the risk of cancer.
⦁    Brain Enhancement - Green tea increases connectivity in key parts of the brain associated with memory. When soft drink of green tea extract as given, it showed increased connectivity in parts of the brain and performance on working memory tasks.
⦁    Anti-Anxiety and Relaxation - The L-theanine in green tea helps you to relax and avoid anxiety.
⦁    Fat Burner - Green tea ingredients increase fat burning and boost the metabolic rate.It reduces the dangerous abdominal fat.
⦁    Anti-Bacterial - The catechins in green tea may kill the growth of bacteria and some viruses.
Side effects of green tea:
⦁    Green tea increases blood pressure and heart rate.
⦁    Blood thinners, it has been recommended to avoid green tea and an aspirin as they both reduce the clotting effectiveness of platelets.
⦁    Caffeine sensitivity could experience insomnia, anxiety, irritability, nausea, or upset stomach.
     However, taking green tea once or twice a day may not be harmful to your health. If you already have any health issues consult your doctor and turn to green tea. Shop now by checking its availability in your nearby stores through Mapprr. 



A nice smelling home is all the aromatherapy you need to stay relaxed. Read on to find out more. 

All of us want to come home from work and sit back and relax in a house that smells fresh and pleasant. This, however, is neglected in most homes and stenches of cooking and mold/dust, among others. Our olfactory senses are directly linked to stress releasing hormones in the brain. Aromatherapy is a science which exploits this connection and involves the use of pleasant smelling substances to decrease stress levels and aid in the release of stress-busting endorphins. However, the presence of foul smells in the house has the ability to induce exactly the opposite effects in our minds. Foul smelling homes the ability to induce stress and displeasure in our minds, not to mention the degradation in the overall aesthetic of the home. Mapprr highly recommends investing a few bucks in a good quality room freshener. Here are some the products in our database you can find at your nearest convenience store. 

Aerosol Based Room Fresheners
These are great to use once on a day to remove any malodorous stench present in the home or are effective when guests arrive unannounced. Having excellent coverage, a single spray is effective to freshen up an entire room, if the right product is used. However, Mapprr recommends that they be used judiciously and continuous use is avoided. 

Room Freshening Gels or Blocks
These products are perfect for 24x7 room freshening purposes and are quite easy to use as well. Just cut open a packet and hang it in an elevated place for all round protection of your house. 

DIY Potpourri
If you want to have a more subtle, natural fragrance, simply dehydrate some orange peels with spices of your choice and leave them in your rooms. The gentle and fruity aroma is sure to hit all the right notes and leave you relaxed and tension free. You can find freshly imported oranges and other spices and herbs without any hassles, by using Mapprr, your go-to platform for when you feel lazy.    



Read on to find out more about the kind of device you should be using for your videography needs. 

In the 21st Century, several alternative career options are viable for the youth. A key factor augmenting this viability is the introduction of affordable technology to help in filmography or photography. Gone are the days of spending millions of rupees to procure bulky camera equipment for your needs. Portable devices such as Digital Signal Lens Reflex (DSLR) cameras and GoPro are driven by powerful processors that produce high-quality photographs and videos without compromising on form or portability. Mapprr presents a look at the key features of DSLRs and GoPro and which should you buy.

Polaroid Stalwart: The DSLR 
The DSLR is a device which helps capture high definition photographs and is the undisputed choice when it comes to photography. The ability to equip itself with multiple types of lenses makes it a highly versatile tool for photography, enabling it to capture infinitesimally small images with clarity (Macro photography), to capture the photographs of extremely far off objects. Equipping a tripod to a DSLR also makes it perfect for shooting videos and filmography in high definition. Even though DSLR shines in functionality, it fails to be ergonomic in videography applications. Bulky equipment like tripod make a DSLR difficult to carry around and it fails in the department of battery life and resistance to natural elements like water. 

GoPro: The Camera of Today
GoPro is a type of camera that was made in mind to accommodate the needs of today’s spunky, trendy and adventurous youth. Having an extremely portable build and tremendous form factor, a GoPro can be as small as a bar of soap and the peripherals like a tripod are extremely compact for a GoPro, making a perfect device for you if you live your life on the edge. Multiple modes and filters and ease of use make it excellent for amateurs and semi-pro videographers and travel vloggers. It can also be attached to bike helmets and drones, making it the type of device having a wide field of view. GoPro also gets some brownie points for having an insanely high battery life and is highly resistant to water and other extreme natural conditions. But the lack of lens modifications and relatively inferior processors make it unsuitable for professional photography. It is also not recommended to use GoPro for filmography. 

Final Verdict
Both DSLR and GoPro find applications in various fields of photography and videography. The augmentation and modification ability of DSLR make it an excellent tool for photography and professional filmography, whereas a GoPro is your go-to device if you wish to engage in adventure vlogging or travel vlogging in general. The choice of device is yours, but to provide you the convenience of finding a store nearest to you selling the product is Mapprr’s. Download the app now and live life hassle-free. compress image (5)


Both of these are used for Removing Body Odour. Then why the debate. Read on to find out more. 

Perfumes or Deodorants? This debate has been going on for quite some time now. Both of them are used to remove malodorous scents from our body to some degree or the other. But which of the above is better is a question Mapprr provides its take on. No matter what your choice, you can find the location of a convenience store near you selling either, sitting in your home by using our app or website. 

Perfume: The Fragrance of Class
Perfumes are used to shroud our body in a mist of pleasant smell. They are highly concentrated solutions of fragrant oils and alcohol and are purely liquid. They are to be strictly applied to clothes only, as the concentration of alcohol present on the same is quite high and is harmful to the skin in such high doses. They are usually quite expensive, but provide smell to the entire body, masking any other odour one might emanate. Perfect for when you are prepping for parties and gatherings, a small amount of subtle perfume goes a long way in enhancing your persona.

Deodorants: For the Spunky 
Deodorants are aerosol based perfuming agents which are safe to be used on our skin without causing harm to it. Deodorants contain low concentrations of alcohol and these days, alcohol-free deodorants are available in plenty, in markets. Deodorants are great for another reason as well. They contain special chemicals, which also help in absorption of sweat and grime, preventing them from accumulating in our skins and causing further body odour. They also mask body odour from sweaty areas like the armpits quite effectively and can be used for everyday use quite effectively. Deodorants receive brownie points for being quite inexpensive. 

Final Verdict
Deodorants are perfect for everyday use. Just apply some of your underarms and stay fresh all day, without worrying about body odour. However, Mapprr recommends you to have a bottle of perfume around for truly special occasions when you want to create a lasting impression. compress image (3)


 Every food item requires a fair amount of oil to enable proper cooking of all ingredients and to act as a medium which aids in binding and augmenting all flavours present in the same. Read on to find out more. 

There is one ingredient which can be found in any kitchen of the world and without which cooking, as we know it, wouldn’t have a foundation to stand on: Cooking oil. In the 21st century, we are spoilt with choices when it comes to the varieties of cooking oils available in the market. Cooking oils can be used for stir-frying, deep frying, tempering of certain food items, and dressing salads, among many other uses. Mapprr lets you select from a wide range of cooking oils. Let’s have a look at some of them. 

Refined Vegetable Oil
This is a common variety of cooking oil found in your everyday kitchen and is widely used because it doesn’t impart any additional flavour to the dish it is used to cook. Another reason for opting this variety of oil is its high smoking point, which makes this cooking oil perfect for deep frying and tempering of lentils and such. Extracted from plants, these oils have been shown to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, if included in a regular diet in moderate amounts. Furthermore, they are low in cholesterol, which makes them great for everyday cooking. Mapprr recommends that you use the app to find a grocery store selling FSSAI certified brand of vegetable oil. 

Olive Oil 
While olive oil is a vegetable oil by technicality, its massive popularity and health benefits make it worthy of pertaining to a separate, superior class of cooking oil. There are primarily two types of olive oil popular in the market these days: Extra Virgin and Pomace. Extra virgin olive oil refers to the oil obtained from the first pressing of the olive oil. It is not refined, which makes it one of the most flavourful oils around. Furthermore, due to being unrefined, it retains a plethora of the vitamins and minerals present in the original fruit, making it highly nutritious for partaking. However, it has a low smoking point and a distinctive, stronger flavour, which prevents it from being suitable for cooking applications. Mapprr recommends using the extra-virgin olive oil for dressing salads and margination application and the pomace variety, which is a refined variety of olive oil, as an everyday cooking oil. Olive oil is rich in nutrients and low in harmful fats and cholesterol, which makes it one of the best oils to have in your kitchen and it has also been linked to improving metabolic function of our body. 

Rice Bran Oil
Rice Bran oil is steadily gaining popularity as the healthiest cooking oil in the market. Not only does it aid in curbing high cholesterol levels and promoting better heart health, it also improves metabolic activity and is replete in Vitamin-E. Its subtle, nutty flavour and high smoking point enable it to be used in all cooking applications, thereby establishing its versatility. 

Mustard Oil
It is a more traditional cooking oil in the sense that it is being used for ages, but imparts a remarkably smoky flavour when used to cook and takes any boring dish to another dimension. Apart from the culinary benefits, mustard oil has a host of health benefits when used for cooking, like an improvement of blood circulation and reducing inflammatory pain among others. 

These are the primary varieties of cooking oils found in the market. Save yourself from the hassle of finding the cooking oil of your choice and let Mapprr do the job for you.  



Winter is here. There can be dryness or dehydration of skin, lips, and hair. We can try escaping it by incorporating few winter beauty routines which can be useful regardless of gender.


  • Drinking lot of water is mandatory even if you are not thirsty in winters. Water helps you stay hydrated and look beautiful by giving you a glowing complexion.
  • Applying a chapstick or lip balm will protect your lips from getting chapped. 
  • You can remove the dead skin over your lips by brushing gently with a toothbrush and moisturizing before bed. This will prevent your lips from turning dark, especially in winter.
  • Applying sunscreen in winter is as important as in summer 
  • If foot cracks are a problem, heal them by moisturizing the feet regularly or soaking them at night in warm water and salt followed by application of a thick cream. Put on socks to keep your feet warm and crack free. 
  • Applying lukewarm olive oil or coconut oil to your face in the morning and leaving it for an hour makes your skin glow
  • Deep condition your hair every week with hair oil so that it’s nourished and the moisture is replenished. Following this hair care tip also ensures your hair is thick and bouncy.


  • Never wash your hair without conditioning 
  • Do not lick your lips as it dries them out further.
  • Don’t bathe in very hot water. It may soothe you for a while but it ends up making your skin and scalp extremely dry.


Now you can shop for all your winter rescues without any hustle. Check their availability in your nearby stores with our app Mapprr. 
Plan smart and shop in no time. 



Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and these cereal combinations will take you partying into flavour town.

As soon as we wake up in the morning, we need to ensure that we have a filling, nutritious and delicious breakfast and cereal with milk is the easiest way to ensure that. Because let’s face it, everyone is a bit (read a lot) sleepy after waking up in the mornings and it is a herculean task to cook something up. Mapprr picks the top 5 milk and cereal combinations that are guaranteed to give you more of a reason to wake up in the mornings. 

Toned Milk and Muesli
For all the health freaks out there, this breakfast combination is a must-have. Muesli is packed with multi-grain goodness and most of the varieties have some sort of dried fruit or nuts in them. Muesli is delicious if eaten as it is. But, the addition of simple, toned milk makes the contrast of the muesli’s crispiness and the milk’s natural creaminess all the more prominent and exciting, as a meal. 

Flavoured Soy Milk and Chocos
Chocos is a favorite cereal of kids because of its attractive packaging and crispy, chocolaty taste. However, it tastes soggy if kept in whole milk for too long and loses the texture it is famous for. However, dunking Chocos in soy milk helps retain its crispy texture and it doesn’t turn soggy. For an extra dimension of flavour, Mapprr recommends adding flavoured soy milk instead of regular, unsweetened soy milk. Search for convenience stores containing these products easily by using our app or website. 

Almond Milk and Honey Almond Cornflakes
Almond milk is a rich, nutty and nutritious milk which pairs exceptionally well with honey. Use a variety of cornflakes with almond and honey to experience multiple notes and textures of flavours, ranging from nutty and sweet to crunchy and creamy. 

Coconut Milk and Fruity Cornflakes
While adding coconut milk to a breakfast cereal seems kind of unorthodox, don’t scratch this combination off your list just yet. Coconut milk pairs exceptionally well with fruity flakes like mango or strawberry flakes and is rich in essential fats and nutrients to keep you active all day. 

Full fat Milk and Classic Cornflakes
Nothing beats the classic combination that started it all. The rich creaminess of slightly sweetened full-fat milk and the crispiness of slightly salty cornflakes is an exception as it is. Pair it some fruits of your choice and you get the breakfast of your dreams. 



Medicines are chemicals, drugs or compounds used to cure, prevent disease or help treat certain illnesses in the diagnosis. After creating the medicine it is tested in many different ways to make sure the medicine is safe and prevent the illness. Growing up we keep hearing about certain frequent health issues and our parents and grandparents act as our doctors. I am sure every one of us has had one or the other of the following health issues…


Cold and Cough:

           Cold and cough are the most common health issues. Ironical it might sound, believe me, they are actually protecting you by getting out germs, bacteria, viruses. However, we all remember the heebie-jeebies of a running nose or a sore throat. So, how can we comfort ourselves from this strain?

  • Cough suppressants can be used to suppress/quiet a cough.
  • Nasal decongestants help you unclog a stuffed nose.
  • Antihistamines stop a runny nose and sneezing.


       Fever is an increase in body temperature, above the normal range (between 36 to 37.5 °C) setpoint. It is caused due to viral or bacterial infection. Symptoms include sweating, headache, muscle aches, dehydration, shivering and general weakness. 

  • Fever is generally treated with Paracetamol or Ibuprofen



        Diabetes is the condition when the blood sugar is too high. General culprits for diabetes are overweight, obesity, physical inactivity. 

Rapid-acting,  Short-acting, Long-acting Insulins are administered on a controlled basis. Imbalance in insulin levels in the body causes abnormality in blood sugar levels.


Pain(Muscle and Body):

         Growing up every one of us had a bruise or an injury, might it be by playing cricket or kho-kho or a mischievous fight with your friend. We all had those body pains that disturbed our sleep.

A Milligram or 2 of the following would have given you a peaceful nap ;-)

  • Paracetamol
  • Acetaminophen
  • Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
  • Ibuprofen


Gastric pain:

          A gastric patient knows how important is your mom's words "Don't have street food daily!!!". Irregular and imbalanced diet generally results in gastric problems. In addition to any drugs we choose to take, It is advised to make lifestyle changes for you to put gastric pain in your rearview mirror. 

  • Antacids generally balance acids in your stomach subduing gastric pains


Despite being a pro in self-medication, one should ALWAYS AVOID self-diagnosis and medication. It is always better to consult a doctor. If you feel otherwise, you can find all the products on Mapprr.

 leafy vegetables


When you decide to eat healthy the first thing that one should do is shopping. Shop for a bunch of dark green leafy vegetables. The greener the better. Ideally, the slight snap to break the stem of a leafy vegetable tells you whether or not the chosen leaf is fresh. But before that, you might want to know why you should be including a bowl of leafy veggies in your daily meal.

Popeye from late 90’s cartoon was famous for his powerful punch after gulping down a can of spinach. He portrayed it right in the aspect of it strengthening your bones. Let us dig deeper to know how Spinach or any leafy vegetable for that matter helps our body become healthier than ever.

Maintaining a Healthy Weight:   If you are someone who is looking for easy weight loss then green leafy vegetables are your answer. These green goodies are also rich in vitamins and minerals and are full of fiber, which is an important nutrient for weight loss as it keeps you fuller for longer.

Prevents diseases: As many of you might have observed, whenever we are sick, doctors always prescribe green leafy vegetables and specifically ask us to avoid meat products because the green vegetables help in easy digestion and also kill intestinal worms. They are also known to prevent hypertension and multiple dreadful diseases.

Aid in Improving Eye Health: We are bound to computers while working and consumption of green leafy vegetables improves our vision.

There can be no chemical supplements that can replace greens.

Now you have every reason not just to eat healthy food but to include greens in your meals right away. 

(Personal tip: They taste great when whipping them up into a smoothie)



Every 90s kid remembers having a delicious chocolaty glass of milk in the evenings after a tiring play session. But the things that makes milk delicious also has a lot of health benefits. Read on to find more. 


Health Drinks have been a major part of our childhood. A glass of milk with a couple biscuits was all it took to make any child happy and energetic. But, in the 21st Century, the customer base has significantly expanded from just children to a lot of other groups like women and elderly folk. These days, health drinks are not just limited to the milk solid based drinks popular during our childhoods and encompass a much wider set of drinks that promote overall wellness. The health benefits of the same are as follows: 


Provide your Daily Dose of Nutrition 

Based on dietary requirements of the RDA (Recommended Dietary Allowances), health drinks, when paired with fruits, vegetables, grains and legumes account for a healthy, all rounded meal that helps in the growth of young children. Packed with nutrients, carbohydrates, and proteins, they provide instant energy to children and promote an active, healthy lifestyle which is highly essential for them. 

Health Drinks for infants and women are richer in nutrients and can almost account for their RDAs, providing a dose of health and well-being. Women often suffer from the lack of iron and are at higher risk of anemia, which can be prevented by consuming certain health drinks targeted at them.  

Usually, these health drinks are made of milk or malt solids and the recommended way to drink these is with milk. However, there are plenty drinks like organic fruit juices which can be substituted as nutritious drinks.


Weight Loss and Detoxification 

There are health and nutritional drinks like green tea or Aloe Vera juice that do not have a significant amount of nutrients per se, but help in weight loss or cleansing the body of impurities. Green tea, when consumed with a little ginger and honey, acts as an excellent weight loss promoter and aloe vera juice acts as a remedy for many ailments. 


Other Health Benefits

Some nutritional drinks have the purpose of serving a very specific purpose in aiding human health. For example, pro-biotic drinks contain healthy micro-organisms which improve the immune system and digestive system of our body. There are myriad varieties of drinks promoting different health benefits for our general well-being. 


These are just some benefits provided by health drinks among the endless other benefits they give us. Grab a health drink from a store near you or let Mapprr do the job and live life hassle-free. 



Fiber is an essential component of any balanced diet as it regulates bowel movement and ensures proper functioning of our digestive system. Read on to find out more about the health benefits of this nutrient.


We always are advised to include a proper amount of fiber in our diet. It is responsible for regulating proper bowel movement and aids in the fast digestion of food. But that’s not all this nutrient is required for. Here are some out of the many health benefits of the same: 


Improves Quality of Stool 

Fibers are mainly of two types: Soluble and Insoluble. The insoluble dietary fiber helps in a proper passing of stool by absorbing water in the digestive tracts and hence drastically reduces the chance of constipation and other colonic diseases. However, it should be noted that over-consumption of dietary fiber leads to bloating and gassiness. Hence, we highly recommend moderate consumption of the same. 


Can be Used for Weight Loss

While fiber aids in digestion by fast-tracking the process, it delays the process of gastric emptying, hence giving us a feeling of fullness for extended periods of time. The reduced propensity to eat frequently is what promotes weight loss and hence, it is advisory to include plenty of fiber-rich foods in your diet. 


Helps Control Blood Cholesterol

Research has shown that dietary fiber promotes the control and stabilization of blood cholesterol and including it in your diet ensures that the levels stay normal. High cholesterol is a gateway to many other conditions like hypertension and diabetes. Hence, to lead a healthy lifestyle focused on physical wellness, try including food items rich in fiber like whole grains, fruits, and vegetables in your diet. 


Helps Absorb Nutrients Better

The chemical structure of dietary fiber allows it to absorb nutrients like Calcium and Magnesium better. This is due to the presence of an Oligosaccharide called Inulin which is a soluble fiber having other dietary benefits as well.


These are merely some of the advantages of fiber among many others. Be sure to include a healthy dose in your diet along with other necessary nutrients. Stay healthy. Stay happy. 



Honey is rightly called liquid gold. It adds a great sweetness to our food and has tons of other health benefits. Read on to find out more. 

Honey has been used since ancient times as a flavour enhancer and as a panacea that held the cure of many ailments, making it worthy of the title “Liquid Gold”. Till this date, its applications in modern medicine are being researched with promising results. Following are some of the astonishing health benefits of honey: 


Renowned Anti-Septic 

Honey is famous for being an excellent anti-septic since ancient times. It has anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties and hence can be used in medicine for the treatment of infectious conditions like a cough and sore throat. 


Can be used for healing wounds

Honey has been found to contain trace amounts of Hydrogen Peroxide and Methylglyoxal, both of which have applications in the treatment of wounds. Furthermore, it also deodorizes the wound, making it easier for others to work with it. 


Can be used for Weight Loss 

While honey contains more calories per tablespoon than sugar, it actually contains enzymes which help break down fat stored in our body and aids in weight loss. Just mix it with some warm water and lemon juice to make a healthy weight loss drink that is sure to charge you up. 


Contains Essential Vitamins and Minerals 

Honey is rich in Vitamin-B and Vitamin-C along with minerals like Calcium, Potassium, and Zinc, all of which are necessary for healthy functioning of our bodies. Hence, it is recommended to use honey instead of sugar for our daily needs to gain that extra kick of nutrients in our diet. 


Natural Anti-Oxidant 

Honey possesses nutraceuticals, which eliminate free radicals present in our body. Hence, it acts as an anti-oxidant and slows down the natural aging process of the body while preventing diseases like cancer. Due to this property, it finds applications in skincare as a moisturizer and is also used as a skin detoxifier. 



Winters are accompanied with a loss of humidity which can cause problems in your scalp, particularly dandruff. However, with a little care, it can be combatted. Read on to find out more. 


Winters are a season of holiday cheer and celebrations. Hence, it becomes all the more embarrassing to leave your house with flakes of dandruff scattered on your shoulders. But, by following a few sure-fire methods, you can ensure that dandruff will never get in the way of an awesome holiday season. Here are some of the methods you can use to curb a bout of dandruff: 


Choose a Proper Shampoo and Conditioner

This is the most obvious course of action when you are inflicted with dandruff and the most fast acting one at that. Using a proper anti-dandruff shampoo helps in removing the dead cells present in scalp which are the primary constituents of dandruff. A good conditioner is also a must for winter because it provides moisture and nourishment to the scalp. Choose one that suits you the most. 


A Good Old Fashioned Champi!

Natural oils like Almond Oils and warm Coconut oil are an excellent source of nourishment for the scalp and applying them frequently keeps the dandruff at bay. Just warm the oil slightly and gently massage it on to the scalp. The oils also help making your hair shiny and strong, so it’s a win-win situation. 


Dietary Supplementation 

A diet rich in Vitamin-B and Zinc along with Omega-3 Fatty acids aids in augmenting scalp health, especially during harsh winters. Make sure to eat leafy vegetables, fish and dried fruits like walnuts to keep your scalp healthy and dandruff-free. 


Stress Free= Dandruff Free

A lifestyle replete with stress has been linked to increase in dandruff in the scalp. Along with a healthy diet, take plenty of rest and ensure that you unwind every now and then. It’s holiday season after all! 


Dandruff can seem daunting for those who are unprepared. But a little change in your lifestyle and a little care will eliminate any cause of worry. Grab all the products from a store nearby you or use Mapprr to do the job of finding it for you. Happy Holidays! 

Beat the winter blues now


Winter is that time of the year when all you feel like doing is snuggling under a blanket and sip coffee while reading a book or watching your favorite shows on Netflix. But, it also brings with it seasonal changes and a myriad number of health concerns that will hassle you if unprepared.

Here are 5 essentials that will ensure that your winters are full of fun and frolic: 


A good moisturizer 

Due to a drop in humidity, our skin gets extremely dry during this season, leading to irritation and chapped lips among other skin problems. Investing in a good moisturizing cream or petroleum jelly ensures that your skin stays smooth and supple throughout the winters and allows you to enjoy the weather both indoors and outdoors without any tension. Grab a suitable moisturizer today from your nearest grocery store or use Mapprr to help you find one without any hassles. 


Cold and Flu Medicines 

Winters are a time when disease-carrying bacteria and viruses thrive under the ambient temperatures the season brings with it, making us all the more susceptible to diseases like common cold and flu. Hence, a first aid kit stocked with common medicines like Cetirizine and Paracetamols is a must to combat these common diseases. 


Winter Garments 

This is an obvious entry in this list as no one likes to spend their time shivering. Having proper winter clothing to keep you warm is indispensable and the lack of which may have adverse effects on our health.



Due to the abundance of infection-causing germs and our increased susceptibility towards them during this season, we must take steps to eliminate them by using proper disinfectants such as anti-bacterial liquids for floorings and other parts of our homes, anti-bacterial hand-wash, and soaps.


Dietary Supplements

Adding proper dietary changes during winters like the inclusion of Vitamin-C and Omega-3 Fatty Acid rich foods helps keep our metabolic activity high and boosts the immune system. Try including lemons, fish, and nuts rich in healthy fats like almonds in your diet to help keep you energetic and enjoy the sundry times ahead.