5 Ways Water Will Help You Lose Weight

Drinking water
Saturday, 10 February, 2018

We all know drinking water is extremely important, it maintains your body's fluid levels and regulates our body temperature. We know how important it is but how it can help in weight loss we haven't really decided. There is a reason why wellness consultants all across the globe are emphasizing on more consumption of water to help their clients achieve weight loss goals.

Drinking water is easily among the most forgotten things in a day but if you knew it goes a long way in keeping that stubborn fat away, you may look at it differently.

Let's discuss how water will help you lose weight:

It helps improve your workout efficacy
According to research when you are dehydrated during workouts, it directly impacts your weight loss goals. Before hitting the gym it is important to double the amount of water you drink every day so your body doesn't get dehydrated.

Increases your metabolism
Metabolic rate increases 30 percent if you drink enough water almost 3-4 liters and if you increase your intake further, it is effective in burning excess calories too.

Combats fake hunger
Water also acts as an appetite killer. Sometimes when you are thirsty, but not hungry your body gives you cues that you are hungry. So it's always better to have a glass of water before giving in to your brutal hunger pangs. It's also good if you have gained weight after pregnancy and searching for home remedies to lose weight after pregnancy.

Healthy alternative to calorie-laden drinks
We often feel tempted to have a fizzy drink and sports drink when you are thirsty or feeling worn out? This is where the magical water comes in. A study stated that for every 3.4 ounces of plain water consumption, a person drinks 0.7 ounces less caloric beverages.

Helps you detox
If you bored of drinking old plain water add lemon, mint, cucumber and you have a detox water ready for the day
Lose some extra weight which you are carrying around by following all these habits and lifestyle.

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