Essential tips for Healthy Hair

Healthy hair
Thursday, 13 December, 2018

Healthy hair is tough to maintain these days but definitely everyone love to. Be it, men or women, hair fall is a common problem, there are many contributing factors such as environmental changes, increasing pollution, unhealthy lifestyle, vitamin K deficiency, etc.

Remember your mother pushing you for applying hair oil?

Hair oils are given the utmost preference when it comes to hair care. Because oils keep the hair hydrated, nourished, prevent it from drying and help it regrow. But it is not good to leave your scalp with oil for a longer duration (not more than a day) or step outside with oiled hair as it attracts dirt and results in dandruff problems.

Quick tip- 1:
Massage your hair with coconut oil mixed with essential oils like lavender, wintergreen, thyme, and tea tree to get strong and beautiful hair.

Washing your hair on a regular basis is as important as nourishing it. Use a sulfate free shampoo to clean your hair from excess oil (avoid scalp to produce natural oil required for growth) and dirt.

Shampoos and Conditioners are mostly purchased together. The purpose of a conditioner is to form a layer on the hair to protect and smoothen it, giving your hair a silky and shiny look.

Quick tip-2:
It is not advisable to wash the hair more than 2 times a week as it may lead to dry and rough hair. So a Dry Shampoo, an alternate hair product for shampoo can be used to combat your greasy hair.

But the question is how can the hair be protected from sun and pollution outside? The solution for this could be a Hair Serum which acts as a protective coating over the strands of hair until the next wash.

Quick tip-3:
Use hair serum immediately after hair wash on slightly wet hair to remove tangles without hair damage.

Next comes the Hairbrush which is the primary tool in hair care. It is essential to know the type of hair brush that suits your hair and kinds of brushes to be used for various purposes to prevent hair from breakage.

Quick tip-4:
Brush your hair as little as possible to prevent split ends and rough hair.

Follow the above methods and hair care tips to achieve long, silky and healthy hair. Also, comment below your favorite tip you follow for thick hair.

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