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Monday, 26 November, 2018

In a conversation with a friend, I told her that I was shopping groceries online and suggested her to do the same. She was a bit taken back to hear that I shop groceries online and immediately asked "how am I managing to do?" because I am the kind of person who is very choosy and usually don’t prefer to buy online.

Have you ever tried googling "Groceries near me?" and the obvious answer was ‘No’ but grocery shopping is very similar to other essentials you buy online and as simple as you add products to cart and checkout in two simple steps.

Grocery shopping is a primary chore in every household. And most of us prefer going to supermarkets by ourselves in order not to compromise on the quality of food. But what if you can get them online with the quality and in the same time you want?
Want to know how?
Mapprr is a product discovery and local delivery application which promises equal quality and quick delivery with cash on delivery option exclusively in Hyderabad with online grocery shopping option.

Groceries like fruits and vegetables have to be opted with more care as they expire when stored for longer durations or will not be likely to eat if they are rotten. Also, waiting for days together for your online orders leaves a question on the quality and freshness while they’re being shipped.
Let me just help you with some quick facts:

  • Fulfillment time being one hour, our delivery executives pick freshly packed goods from your favorite stores
  • You can pay on delivery once the executive reach
  • We are partnered with standard retailers like SPAR supermarket, Ratnadeep, Vijetha, and many others
  • Return us what’s damaged and avail immediate refund

Mapprr would ensure what you receive is healthy, fresh and quality rich. After all who doesn’t wish to live a healthy life? And with the reducing quality of life span it is necessary that one should encourage fresh living for the betterment of humanity.

We always strive to keep our customers satisfied but in case you aren’t happy with the delivery, you can always reach the customer support who would be very happy to help. We would ensure you will be provided with the better ones as a replacement if eligible.

So, rush up don’t hold your time anymore get your monthly groceries delivered straight to your home in just few clicks within the time same as you go and get them with the same freshness as you buy them.

Install Mapprr now. Available on Play store & App Store Now!

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