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Leonardo Olive Pomace Oil 5 Ltr
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Leonardo Olive Pomace Oil is the oil extracted from olive pump after the first press. Chose the best form of olive oil, free argemone oil, for cooking from famous and one of the largest manufacturers of premium olive oil, Leonardo. Produced and packaged in Italy's finest facilities, Olive Pomace Oil contains highest monounsaturated good fat amongst edible oils, which is associated with numerous health benefits. "Join the change. Go Indiano". In 2003, Dalmia Continental Pvt. Ltd. (DCPL) launched Leonardo Olive Oil, which soon became the leading brand in its product segment and a pioneer in establishing the popularity, image and use of olive oil in India. In 2014, DCPL sold Leonardo Olive Oil to Cargill India. Produced and packaged in Italy's finest facilities, Leonardo is currently the leading brand of olive oil in India. It is available in 3 grades: Leonardo Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Leonardo Olive Oil and Leonardo Olive Pomace Oil.

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