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Heal Bowel Move (Morning Relief Supplement)(90 Capsules)
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Organic Wellness Heal Bowel-Move has organic Bael leaf that is an astringent and helps clean mucus from the GI tract. In combination with organic Chandrasoor, Psyllium and Haritaki, it helps you moisturize the intestinal mucus membrane and cleanse the colon through effective elimination.Moisturizes the intestinal mucus membrane.Cleanses the colon through effective elimination.Helps clean mucus from the GI tract.Additional Information: Organic Wellness aims at making the world a healthier, wealthier and happier place to live in for everyone around by promoting healthy living by encouraging a shift to organic foods. The brand follows a holistic approach for the wellness of everyone and produces a wide range of certified organic wellness and health products that are truly authentic in the truest sense. Organic Wellness products are classified as 'Certified Organic' as per the stringent guidelines laid down by all major International standards across America, Europe and Asia. What you get are authentic organic products in the truest sense!

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