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Harpic Germ & Stain Blaster Citrus Toilet Cleaner, 750ml
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Harpic Germ and Stain Blaster is a powerful toilet cleaner, strongest of the Harpic lot that gives you unbeatable cleaning both above and below the waterline and citrus freshness for the toilet.Its thick liquid formula with powerful cleaning agents clings to the toilet surface and removes the toughest stains and kills sturdiest germs, providing your toilet 100 % more stain-removal and 100 % better germ protection.It also gives your toilet a pleasant fresh fragrance and helps avoid odour for long.It easily spreads on the toilet bowl and provides 100% better cleaning than the ordinary toilet bleach and detergents.It gives unbeatable cleaning by removing the toughest spots and stains on the toilet bowl.It also gives your toilet a pleasant fresh fragrance that is available in two variants – Citrus and Floral.While Harpic blasts away germs and bacterias from even the hardest reaching areas of your toilet, here are a few bonus tips that can help you keep safe and your toilet clean every time:

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