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Himalaya Baby Lotion 200 Ml
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Himalaya’s Baby Lotion keeps your baby’s skin soft and supple and protects it from infection.It combines naturally derived ingredients to gently moisturize delicate skin, leaving it soft all day long.Clinically proven to be mild, it is gentle enough for newborns.Enriched with almond oil that restores skin’s moisture.Olive oil, which improves skin luster and Yastimadhu and Country Mallow, which soothe the skin.Infused with ingredients such as olive oil, almond oil, and licorice, this Himalaya baby lotion is sure to soothe and protect your little one’s skin.The anti-microbial properties of the olive oil content keep the skin soft and healthy and prevent chafing.Almond oil moisturizes the skin, while Vitamin A aids bone development and prevents skin infections.

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