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Freshen Chicken Drumstick 750 Gm
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Tender and tasty chicken drumsticks, that can be braised, roasted, grilled or fried and enjoyed as chicken tandoori, biryani or BBQ drumsticks. It is rich in nutrients and comparatively easier to cook than other parts of the bird. Drumsticks are picked for their wholesome flavour and authenticity, especially by those who like to grab their meat by the bone! Drums of heaven literally!. Trust our experience of Poulty & Poultry Meat over 50 years. We are committed to supply farm fresh chicken, which is free from antibiotic residue & hormones, processed with the best butchery techniques at our state of the art Chicken Processing Plant. Thus our Freshen Chicken is healthier, tender, and nutritious. Healthy Protein, Healthy Communities!.

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