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Casio Scientific Graphic Calculator Fx Cg50
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Key Features: 3D Graph Color display Suitable for AP, SAT, SAT Subject, PSAT, NMSQT, ACT & IB examinations. Number of Functions : Over 2900 Natural textbook display DIGIT : 10 + 2 digits Dot matrix display Icon menu Multi-replay Plastic keys List based STAT-data editor Data communication with a personal computer, 3Yrs Warranty, 100% Genuine product.
Basic Functions • Angle unit, Angle unit conversion (Deg, Rad, Gra) • Trigonometric functions, Inverse trigonometric functions • Hyperbolic functions, Inverse hyperbolic functions • Exponent functions, Logarithmic functions • Power functions (square root, cubic root, square, power, radical root) • Coordinate conversion (Pol, Rec) • Combination/Permutation (nCr, nPr) • Factorial, Inverse, Random numbers, Random sampling of an existing list, Fractions • Logical operations • Sexagesimal ↔ Decimal conversion • Matrix calculations • Vector calculations • Complex number calculations • Base-n calculations/conversions • List data calculations • Rounding • Display format • Conversion (pre-installed software) • Engineering symbol calculation • Engineering notation
Graphing • 3D Graph (pre-installed software) • Rectangular coordinate graphing,Polar coordinate graphing • Integration graph • Parametric function graphing, Inequality graphing • Trace, Zoom (box zoom, zoom in, zoom out, auto zoom) • Table and Graph • Dual Graph (table and graph, graph and graph) • Sketch (tangent line, normal line, inverse function) • Solve (root, minimum, maximum, intersection, integration: integral calculation improvement (real-time integral calculation), new integral calculation function (mixed integrals)) • Dynamic graph • Conic section graph • Recursion graph • Picture Plot (pre-installed software)
Statistics • List-based one-variable and two-variable statistical analysis • Statistical regression calculations • Statistical plot (scatter plot, xyLine, normal probability plot, histogram, box plot) • Statistical regression graphs (linear, med-med, quadratic, cubic, quartic, logarithmic, exponential, power, sinusoidal, logistic regression) • Advanced statistical calculations: tests (Z-test, t-test, χ²-test, F-test, ANOVA), intervals (Z-interval, t-interval), distributions • Pie chart • Bar graph
Hardware • Power supply : Four AAA-size alkaline batteries or four nickel-metal hydride batteries • Approximate battery life (hours) : 140 (AAA-size alkaline batteries), 85 (nickel-metal hydride batteries) Assuming 5 minutes calculation and 55 minutes display per hour • Dot matrix display : 216 x 384 dots • Display capacity (characters) : 21 x 8 • Internal operation digits : 15 • Nested parentheses levels : 26 • Data communication : 3-pin cable, USB cable • 3-pin serial port • USB port
Size of case Total weight Dimensions (D × W × H) : 188.5×89×18.6mm Weight : 230g

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