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The Cadbury 5 Star comes with its classic golden coloured packaging, with the characteristic five stars around the wrapper. Having a 5 star is an experience in itself, one has to feel the chocolate melt in the mouth and really feel the soft core in the mouth. As a kid, we are sure you must have relished the experience.Today, one can easily spot a Cadbury 5 star; from refrigerators to pockets, it is everywhere. It is one chocolate that you can gift to anyone from grandparents to children, and it will be loved for sure. The current campaigns of "Ramesh-Suresh", who get lost in the taste of 5 star and forget everything else that is around them captures the essence of these chocolates for sure.For over 25 years, chocoholics have loved the Cadbury 5 star. It is a flagship product of Cadbury. It is the second most sold chocolate in the country after Cadbury dairy milk. Cadbury 5 star was launched in 1969, which is hard from the outside and has a soft caramel core or nougat on the inside. Over the years, 5 star has undergone several refinements to be able to satisfy the consumers taste.

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