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Fogg Fresh Fougere Fragrance Body Spray Black Series For Men 150ml
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Fogg Fresh Deodorant Fougere Black Series for Men is a unique deodorant in terms of its form. Enriched with a mixture of notes, it is high in the perfume content, making the fragrance last longer and smell more prominent. Fogg as the name suggests features a fog like spray of fragrant mist which makes it different from normal brands of deodorant sprays. There is no gas in this deodorant spray making it a perfume deo spray that is addictive, distinct and long-lasting. Fogg deodorant spray is easy to apply and very convenient to carry where ever you go. Just two sprays and you will have a swarm of women under your spell!Its delicious fragrance and moisture rich form make it perfect for masking unpleasant body odours. Its formula is safe on skin and does not cause irritation although it should not be sprayed on irritated or broken skin. Fogg body spray is very effective and does not leave visible stains on clothing after usage, leaving you smelling godly and fresh. It can be applied repeatedly whenever needed and is available in a 120 ml spray deo bottle which is convenient for handling and usage. So captivate everyone around you with Fogg Fresh Deodorant Fougere Black Series for Men, which will have women swooning at your feet!

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