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Bingo Mad Angles Tomato Madness 20gm
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Bingo mad angles tomato mischief is made from worlds crunchiest potato chips. It is an awesome snack with super blend of potato chips with chillies. Bingo mad angles tomato mischief is a khakra like crunchy triangles, which are tangy in taste. These chips have a tomato flavor in them. Bingo mad angles tomato mischief comes with unique taste and unique flavors. It has a unique triangle shape to it. These snacks are spicy as they have mind-blowing flavor of tomato. Once start eating Bingo mad angles tomato mischief you cannot stop eating it and you may end up licking your own fingers. This snack can make you crazy with its mind-blowing taste. Bingo mad angles tomato mischief has no cholesterol with zero trans-fat. This is a perfect triangular shape snack. The tagline of the product is also unique and crazy, which says "har angle se mmmmm", thus meaning that when you eat the snack it has the same spiced up cool flavor from whichever angle you eat. Bingo is actually an ITC product. ITC since 5 years is adding flavors and happiness to customer's life. Bingo as a brand associates youth fun and excitement with some funny commercials including funny models in the commercials.

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