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Maggi Pazzta Mushroom Penne 64 G
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The magic of Maggi is back again, in a new form - Maggi's new Maggi Mushroom Penne Pazzta. It is a new delicious snack loaded with mushroom. Maggi Mushroom Penne Pazzta has the goodness of real cheese and real corn with penne . Deliciously tasty, Maggi Mushroom Penne Pazzta is a great way to start your day. Ready in 5 minutes, it is the easiest and the most convenient way to make authentic pasta. Maggi Mushroom Penne Pazzta is tasty and healthy, packed with nutrition and is delicious! The Nutri-licious Maggi Mushroom Penne Pazzta is a revolutionary product made with 100% Suji, and is a good source of fiber and protein. Loaded with real penne and cheese, the subtle flavors of Maggi Mushroom Penne Pazzta give you an out of the world experience. Maggi Mushroom Penne Pazzta comes with a pasta mix; just mix the penne and the mix and cook it to make amazingly delicious pasta. With no added MSGs, Maggi Mushroom Penne Pazzta is a healthy and a tasty snack loved by people across all age groups. It is a great and a Nutri-liciously power packed way to start your day. Maggi has once again lived up to its promise-'Taste bhi, Health bhi'. It is Truly yummy, truly Italian!

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