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Amul Mozzarella Cheese 1 Kg Pizza
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Amul Pizza Mozzarella Cheese is the most reputed name among the segment of cheese. Add Amul Pizza Mozzarella Cheese in your food to get new and delicious taste in your cuisines making it extremely cheesy. It's very fresh, moist, and soft and when added in food leaves a pleasant light mouth watering aroma making food completely irresistible. Amul is the largest selling brand of cheese in India and its newly introduced mozzarella cheese is sure to embellish your food along with luscious taste. Amul mozzarella cheese is very elastic and stretchable, and fresh and has slight salty taste. It completely personifies the essence of true cheese, because when served hot it forms strings. Amul Pizza Mozzarella Cheese acts best as a toping over pizza .Amul mozzarella cheese when baked with pizzas melts consistently overwhelming the other ingredients of pizza surface. Amul Pizza Mozzarella Cheese is an excellent source of milk protein and is very nutritious. It is 100 % vegetarian. Amul mozzarella cheese is very affordable and easily available in market, grocery shops and retail stores .For better fresh and taste keep it in deep refrigeration. It is available in 200 gm and 1 kg pack. Taste the flavor of pizza Taste Amul Pizza Mozzarella Cheese.

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