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Women's Horlicks Chocolate Flavour Pet Jar 400gm
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Women's Horlicks Chocolate Health Drink 400g is rich with folic acid, calcium, iron and vitamins. This drink is a combination of natural wheat, milk and malt. It contains vitamins A, E, selenium and Zinc. No sugar added.
Nutrition: Qty / 100g approx:Vitamin B1:0.6mg,Vitamin B2:1.8mg,Vitamin D*:8.3mcg,Iron:49mg,Zinc**:2.7mg,Protein**:15g,Pantothenic Acid:2.8mg,Vitamin B12:4.0mcg,Vitamin A:275mcg,Energy:354.8kcal,Vitamin E:4.1mg,Vitamin C:75mg,Carbohydrate:69.2g,Selenium:14.3mcg,Iodine:82.5mcg,Magnesium**:121mg,Folic Acid:666.7mc,Vitamin K**:30.3mcg,Calcium*:1667mg,of which sugar':0g,Biotin:16.5mcg,'Sucrose:,Niacin:7.7mg,Fat:2.0g,Vitamin B6:2.2mg % RDA:Vitamin B1:33,Vitamin B2:100,Vitamin D*:100,Iron:100,Zinc**:33,Protein**:-,Pantothenic Acid:33,Vitamin B12:100,Vitamin A:33,Energy:-,Vitamin E:33,Vitamin C:100,Carbohydrate:-,Selenium:33,Iodine:33,Magnesium**:33,Folic Acid:100,Vitamin K**:33,Calcium*:100,of which sugar':-,Biotin:33,'Sucrose:,Niacin:33,Fat:-,Vitamin B6:100 Known unctions of nutrients:Vitamin B1:Helps in release of energy,Vitamin B2:Vital Nutrients for blood health healthy skin,Vitamin D*:Bone Health,Iron:Vital Nutrients for blood health healthy skin,Zinc**:Bone Health,Protein**:Bone Health,Pantothenic Acid:Helps in release of energy,Vitamin B12:Vital Nutrients for blood health healthy skin,Vitamin A:Vital Nutrients for blood health healthy skin,Energy:Source of energy,Vitamin E:Vital Nutrients for blood health healthy skin,Vitamin C:Vital Nutrients for blood health healthy skin,Carbohydrate:Source of energy,Selenium:Vital Nutrients for blood health healthy skin,Iodine:Helps in release of energy,Magnesium**:Bone Health,Folic Acid:Vital Nutrients for blood health healthy skin,Vitamin K**:Bone Health,Calcium*:Bone Health,of which sugar':Source of energy,Biotin:Helps in release of energy,'Sucrose:,Niacin:Helps in release of energy,Fat:Source of energy,Vitamin B6:Vital Nutrients for blood health healthy skin
Additives Other Text: Contains Permitted Natural Colour And Added Nature Identical Flavouring Substances.Women Horlicks contain Acesulfame PotassiumContains Artificial sweetener and for calorie consciousNo Sugar added in the product.
Pack Size: 400g - Jar.
Product Dimensions: 400 g.
Benefits Description: • This Women's Horlicks is good for the strengthening of your bone and blood• It is designed with HEMOCAL nutrients that help women to stay healthy• You get the benefits of calcium, vitamins and protein instantly.
Features: Nutrients for Bone Health100% RDA^ Of Calcium For Strong Bones100% RDA^ Of Vitamin D For Calcium AbsorptionNutrients For Bone MaintenanceNourishment for strong BonesNew Improved TasteSuitable for VegetariansNo Added Sugar'.
Lifestyle: No Sugar,Suitable for Vegetarians.
Lifestyle Other Text: Cereal Based Beverage(Proprietary Food).
Safety Warning: Do not use if inner seal beneath cap is missing or brokenReplace the cap tightlyNot recommended for children..
Preparation and Usage: How to make your wholesome and nourishing Horlicks!Take 3 heaped teaspoonfuls (30g) Add to hot milk (200ml) while stirring to remove lumps. Add little sugar if required.Recommended twice a day.
Storage Type: Ambient
Storage & Care: Jar.
Storage: Best before 12 months from packagingStore in a clean and dry place away from sunlight..

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