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Dabur Hommade Coconut Milk 200ml
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Those who love to experiment in the kitchen are very well aware of coconut milk. World's largest Ayurvedic and Natural Health Care, Personal Care and Food Products manufacturer Dabur now introduces the homemade coconut milk. Dabur Homemade Coconut Milk is the pure coconut milk extracted from the best quality coconuts. Dabur Homemade Coconut Milk is thick and creamy that it refuses to drip. Most importantly, the product is completely natural and free from any added flavor or colour. Its tetra pack packing enables the product to be 100% preservative free. There are several important ingredients in it, such as coconut milk, water, emulsifying and stabilizing agents, pure and fresh coconut milk, and so on. It contains no preservatives as well as there is no added colour and sugar. One can use Dabur Hommade Coconut Milk as a fresh extract while cooking. 1 pouch equals 2 coconuts of approximately 300 gm. Those who want to make experiment with cooking can add Dabur Hommade Coconut Milk with rice instead of water to make the utterly delicious coconut rice. There are few tips for storage. After opening, close the flap and keep the pack refrigerated and try to use it within 4 to 6 days. If the pack is not refrigerated, then it should be used the same day.

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