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Sunfeast Pasta Treat Sour Cream Onion 70g
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A number of snacks and confectionaries are a part of our daily life. While children and young ones are always craving for taste, mothers are always concerned and worried about health of their loved ones. ITC under its famous and much popular brand Sunfeast provides Sunfeast Pasta Treat which is whole wheat based instant pasta. Sunfeast Pasta Treat Sour Cream Onion is a healthy snacking option for children and young adults. It has got a delicious and rich creamy flavor which would just make pasta melt in your mouth along with extra kick of onion and a mild sourness which makes it even taste more good. Sunfeast Pasta Treat sour cream onion flavor has got a perfect blend of various spices which gives it a perfect taste to gel with its creamy texture and it taste delicious. Sunfeast Pasta Treat is a tasty and healthy snack which everybody is sure to love. It can be eaten at anytime of the day, whether it's tea time, between meals or as a complete meal to pamper your whole family and give them something exciting and different to eat from that routine boring food.

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