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Britannia Cheese Spreadz Classic 180g
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Britannia Cheese Spreadz Classic is a 100 percent dairy product that gives you the taste of fresh farm cheese. Britannia cheese spreadz classic also gives you the wholesome goodness and benefits of cheese. Britannia cheese spreadz classic is processed and packed with the highest standards in the world. Suitable for all age groups, you can use Britannia cheese spreadz classic on bread or toast or any light food used as a snacking option. Britannia did begin in 1892 at a small place known as Calcutta (now Kolkata). Armed with an investment of just Rs.295 and the will to succeed, Britannia started its journey but it had huge dreams of succeeding in the competition. With the onset of the electrical revolution, Britannia mechanised its operations and in 1921 it was adjudged toi be the first Indian company to to use imported gas ovens. Ever since, business at Britannia flourished, but more importantly, Britannia began to gain a worldwide reputation for its unbeatable quality and value. So try the new Britannia cheese spreadz classic and enjoy its mouthwatering taste with the great quality assurance of Britannia.

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