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Whirlpool 360° Bloomwash Ultimate Care (7.5 Kg) Graphite Washing Machine
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6TH SENSE® Tumble Care The 6TH SENSE® TumbleCare Technology, with its unique blooming motion, senses the load and washes them in a unique 360 tumble motion to give you the best cleaning performance. Care Move Technology A unique feature for a front load like wash to give the best cleaning with the best care. 360° Tumble Motion A revolutionary Variator plate washes clothes in multiple inside out circles so that the clothes get rubbed against each other to get the best cleaning results. Hot Catalytic Soak Clothes are soaked in hot detergent solution before the wash cycle to loosen tough dirt. Hot Concentrated Shower Uses the power of a hot concentrated detergent shower to maximize detergent efficiency and give superior cleaning. Hot Finish Uses a warm water rinse to leave your clothes fresh, soft and wrinkle free. Power Dry Get up to 20% better drying results with four customizable levels of drying for the first time in a top loader. Automatic Softener Dispenser The smart softener dispenser automatically dispenses softener during the rinse cycle, ensuring your clothes are not just clean, but soft and fresh. Easytech Smart diagnostics-Senses the voltage levels and water pressure in the tap;Detergent savings-Senses the load and fabric type and gives the detergent dosage required ;Automatic removal of lint -After every wash, wash gushes through the lint filter removing the lint accumulated during wash. Hot Water Option

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