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Pedigree Puppy Chicken And Milk 100gm
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PEDIGREE Chicken & Milk for Puppy is a wholesome meal, packed with essential nutrients vital to the healthy growth of your pet. The natural goodness of cereals, chicken, meat, soybean, carrots, peas & milk blend into a tasty treat for your little one.
Pedigree puppy chicken and milk 100gm 1.Time tested flavor 2.Made with love 3.Backed by research 4.Pedigree assurance Benefits Greater variety of flavor, texture and taste Increased water content in food Tempting aromas and flavors for fussy eaters Reduced risk of stones [*Feeding 25% of the daily calories as gravy may reduce the risk of stone formation in small breed dogs]Ingredients Meat and Meat by-products, Chicken and Chicken by-products, Vegetables and Vegetable by-products, Vegetable oils, Milk powder, Iodised salt, Essential Vitamins and Minerals, Cereals and Cereal by-products, Permitted Preservatives, Antioxidants and Flavours, No beef or pork. 5 Signs of good health| 1. Proven healthier & shinier coat – The new Pedigree® contains special vegetable oils for healthy skin and coat. It contains a special blend of: a) Linoleic Acid (Omega 6) b) Zinc for healthy skin & lustrous coat 2. Strong muscles – The new Pedigree® has high quality digestible animal Protein from meat & cereals. 3. Digestive health – Pedigree® has excellent digestibility: ~ 85%: Fibre from vegetables and cereals for bowel movement. b) Result in smaller and firmer stools. 4. Strong bones & teeth – The new Pedigree® contains optimal Calcium levels and right ratio for Ca:P b) Kibble design: for chewing and mouth feel – good for dental health. 5. Strong immune system – Good source of natural Taurine and other Antioxidants which comes from (fresh) meat. b) Vitamin E which helps in strengthening the dog’s immune system Feeding Guidness PEDIGREE dogfood is a complete and balanced meal in itself Just give your pet clean drinking water with every meal In case your pet does not enjoy PEDIGREE dog food, continue with the mixture of PEDIGREE dogfood and current food for a few more days Storage Information When you buy Pedigree dog food, make sure it is in properly sealed condition • On opening the pack, store Pedigree dog food in an air-tight container, in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight

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