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Freshen Chicken Breast Boneless 1 Kg
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Our boneless is moist, tender and so savory that it is perfect for all the kababs, appetizers, grilled and salads. Meat is silky and full of goodness.Skinless and boneless lean white meat of chicken. Chicken breast boneless is a versatile cut of meat that serves as the perfect comfort food. For people who love the uncomplicated.Pan ready, no hassle form of chicken with zero bones. Heat, steam, fry, grill - Indian, Chinese, Continental - any option will work well with the fillet. The meat is juicy and soft, packed with nutrients. Trust our experience of Poulty & Poultry Meat over 50 years. We are committed to supply farm fresh chicken, which is free from antibiotic residue & hormones, processed with the best butchery techniques at our state of the art Chicken Processing Plant. Thus our Freshen Chicken is healthier, tender, and nutritious. Healthy Protein, Healthy Communities!

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