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Amul Fresh Cream 1 Ltr
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Amul is the leading brand for food products and other beverages. Amul has different products and the Amul Fresh Cream is a quality standard product. Amul Fresh Cream is made up of fresh and pure milk cream. The fresh cream is sterilized at high temperature and it is packed air tight so the richness of the cream stays until it is opened. Amul Fresh Cream is made smooth to make preparations tastier. Amul Fresh Cream is recommended to keep in cool and dry place, and the packaging of the fresh cream can stay up to 4 months. Amul Fresh Cream can be used in fruit salads, Punjabi dishes, sweet meals, ice - creams, and also to make tea and coffee. Amul Fresh Cream is a low fat cream and it is composed of milk fat of minimum 25 %, SNF of 6.8 % and moisture of 68.2 % and also contains other nutrition. Amul Fresh Cream is available in the 200 ml pack for domestic consumption and 1 letter for hotels, restaurants, and etc. Amul Fresh Cream is available in the Indian markets and also in the supermarkets and online stores.

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